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Tune In Saturday July 25th And Check Out The New Blue Sunset Video

Hello Steve Arvey Music Fans. I would appreciate it if you can do me a favor and tune in to this Music Stream On Youtube This Saturday at 3pm EST. I just recorded this new song called “Blue Sunset” It is a laid back instrumental that I composed that is part of my “Chill Lounge” Music Series. All you have to do is play this song in the background and I make $$ from the Youtube Stream. The music will be playing from 3pm EST in the Afternoon until 11am EST On Sunday. You can join in the chat and I will have this song available for you to get via e-mail. This can be found on my channel at This is a instrumental that was produced by the Famous Jim Reeves that just moved his Studio to Sarasota from Chicago. Thanks for all your support

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