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Steve Arvey Signature Cigar Box Guitar Strings.

Steve Arvey Launches His Own Signature Cigar Box Guitar String Line.

Current Bradenton Florida Musician Steve Arvey well known globally for his Revolutionary Cigar Box Guitar playing has now launched his Made In The USA Line of Cigar Box Guitar Strings.

Now that 3 Stringed Cigar Box Guitar’s are in major retail store’s it would just make common sense to sell them a pack of 3 strings instead of 6 Strings.

“People always ask me how I get that massive sound” My trick is the gauge sizes and quality of the strings. I have been using Curt Mangan Strings on all my instruments for years thanks to my master guitar technician Rick Bass who lives in Bradenton. Rick, Curt and I came up with this pack after month’s of experimenting. We will be launching the line at next years NAMM show in Anaheim California January 18th. We will also be having a kickoff party in New Orleans at The Samantha Fish New Orleans Cigar Box Guitar Festival January 17th.

Curt Mangan Strings Factory is located in Cortez, Colorado USA.

This is where and how they make more than 700 premium quality individual strings with hand-crafted pride using only USA made wire.

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