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Steve Arvey Hot Summer Update!

Hope all my Friends, Fan's and Family are having a great Summer! My apologies that it has been since January since I put a blog together. I have a few weeks off this month to catch up on recording new tunes, practicing, paperwork and other life stuff. I spend the majority of my time working on my Youtube Channel. It takes a lot of time editing videos but the channel has been growing and I have been getting new fans from all over the world. The greatest thing though about Youtube is that I have been getting revenue from them from advertisers. This is helping me fund my travels and expenses. Please tell all your friends to subscribe to my channel. I am getting close to 14'000 subscribers. I am about to travel back to Europe on September 3rd. I already did a tour from July 2-25th in Italy, Switzerland and Poland. Of course you can see a lot of the videos from this tour on my Youtube Channel. I am working hard to record more material for a possible CD and Radio Airplay. I will be back in the studio Thursday August 24th and I am hoping to send out some free Mp3's of a recording Saturday the 26th. I will be in Europe from Sept 3rd-25th and I hope to share more news of videos and music soon. This last summer I was able to finally do some video recording at Don Odell's legends in Massachusetts. I am looking forward to Don releasing these videos on Youtube Soon. Thanks again everyone for subscribing and I hope I will have my next Blog Out Soon!!

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