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September Blues

Well, the Red Tide seems to be getting a little better for some reason. Not sure if it's because it's going away for awhile…or it was blown off shore by the tropical storm. Either way, life is returning to normal for everyone in the area.

September in normally a slower time here on the Florida's West Coast. The tourists are gone, kids are back in school and the snowbirds have yet to arrive. So I'll be taking this opportunity to work on some of those things that I keep putting off all the time. I've booked some studio time in order to create some new music…hopefully I'll have something to share with you in the months ahead. I've also been learning some great new cover tunes that I'm sure will become part of my live show the next time you see me. And I've been working on a couple of merchandising ideas that should be fun. More on that later...:)

We'll been getting a lot of good feedback on the website. Thanks for all your input. I'll continue plugging away to make it even better in the weeks and months ahead. So stay tuned.

Loving the Lace Cybercaster Guitar at the NAMM Show.

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