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On The Road Again!! Going To Maine

Welcome everybody to my music blog! Summertime is here and it gives me the opportunity to get out of Florida and visit some other places around the world. I just got back from the St. Louis Cigar Box Guitar Festival and I had a great time. I got to meet a lot of new fans and builders. Please check out my YouTube channel for videos from that show. Saturday July 1st I will be traveling to Maine to play at another Major Cigar Box Guitar Festival. Videos from this show can be found at

I also wanted to let you know that I have my music cards back in stock. These flash drive cards have 87 songs and can fit in computers and vehicles. Over the last five years auto manufacturers have not been putting CD players in cars. So if you don’t have a CD player in your car, this is a wonderful way to listen to 87 of my songs for only $20. And I will throw in free shipping anywhere in the world. Also check out my whole new line of T-shits on my website. I have many different colors and styles. Again please Tell all your friends to subscribe to my YouTube channel your support helps me grow and I gain revenue which helps me pay my bills. We’re getting very close to 12,000 YouTube subscribers. Thank you again for all your support.

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Julian 3
Julian 3
Jun 21, 2022

I am still surprise that the subscriber numbers are not in the triple digits, but those of us who are dedicated followers, remain appreciative of the great work of a great talent. Hope the trip up to Yankee land goes great!

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