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In The Big Apple. On The Road Again

Hello everybody. I finally have a few days off and traveling to New York City for some cultural stimulation and inspirations to finish off some new songs. The trip a few weeks ago to The NAMM Show In Nashville was great. NAMM stands for the National Association Of Music Merchants and is a convention for working musicians. I am very honored to be working with a company out of Russia named AMT they have some very interesting products and I am now endorsed by them and you will be seeing me use their products at upcoming shows. I also am now being endorsed by Magslide who has a Slide for the guitar made out of lightweight magnesium. You can see all the information on my Youtube channel. Speaking of you tube I am getting close to the 10k mark which will now allow me to sell my merchandise directly on my Youtube Channel. Having more subscribers has also allowed me to earn more money on Youtube and this has been a great help for me financially as a full time musician and music industry professional. By just watching these free videos Google has been giving me Advertising Revenue for using my content. Please share my videos with all your friends and family. Also please Check out my free videos on XOTV. The music business has changed and I am loving it. It is so great to be able to share my music and inspire people all over the planet by utilizing XOTV and Youtube.

Again thank you for your support. Check out all my upcoming tour dates on my website.

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