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Greetings from (Stinky) Florida!

If you've been anywhere along the West Coast of Florida, or just watching the news…you know that the Red Tide and Green Algae Bloom are devastating our coastal habitat. The smell of dead fish hangs all along our beautiful beaches and has caused many of our great clubs and venues to close until things get better


So I’m taking this time to write some new songs and plan for the future. It has been a busy summer so far with me traveling to Nashville for the Summer NAMM show, and out to California to do some gigs and create videos for Lace Music products. Please check out my YouTube channel for all of my new videos.

Up until the current Gulf Of Mexico water crisis I was very busy with shows on the West Coast of Florida. I have allot of new and exciting shows planned that start in October and run all the way through June of 2019,

So please check back to our website for the latest updates and information.

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