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Finally…Back On The Road Again!

Hello everybody. I finally have a few days off and traveling to Dallas Texas for the Dallas International Guitar Show. Looking forward to having some fun playing a lot of guitars and meeting up with a lot of musicians and fans. My apologies for taking so long to do this blog. Since January 1st I had 4 Days off from doing gigs. It seemed like everybody decided to come to Florida because we do music shows outside and people could practice social distancing. It was crazy busy and I appreciate everybody purchasing merchandise from me. My Cigar Box Guitar Strings have been selling very well from my web-site and I will soon have my “Killer Strings” Website up and running in Late June with more options for players. Check out the new Artwork and Logo. During this time I also was doing a lot of video recording of my shows so all my fans from all over the world would be able to see and hear my music. My YouTube Channel Now Has over 8000 Subscribers and 4 Million Views!! By just watching these free videos Google has been giving me Advertising Revenue for using my content. Please share my videos with all your friends and family. Also please Check out my free videos on XOTV. The great thing is no Ad's interrupting the video!! I would appreciate it though if you would purchase The 50 minute video of a concert at Jiggs Landing that includes Acoustic And Cigar Box Guitar. This concert will cost $4.95 and will help me purchase more video equipment so I can produce better shows. I will give you a update soon about all the recording projects that I have coming up. I was so busy the last few months that I did not get the time to get in the studio. Please check my web-site for future dates. I am planning on doing more International Touring in 2022. Thanks again for all your support. Steve

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