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A New Year And New Things Happening!

Well it has been some time since my last Blog. Finally got some time off this weekend from my hectic schedule. The Samantha Fish Cigar Box Guitar Festival was cancelled this week and I am using the time to create new songs, upgrade my guitar string line and expand my options for video sharing. I am very pleased with XOTV which is a great platform for me to upload my videos and share my vision in this incredible community of Film Makers. I have also been spending time in the recording studio recording tracks with Kellie Rucker, Gerardo Velez, Bill Buchman, Bea Dummer and Re-Mastering the 2015 London Session Recordings. International Touring is still on hold due to current conditions. I have some smaller outside gigs in Florida which are helping me with cash flow. I hope you are all well and I appreciate your support. Make sure you tune in to my Youtube Channel. I have a new video everyday except Monday's. Peace To The World!!

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